Why Beta Glide


Create funnels and track critical events across devices. Drill down data to get actionable insights.


Immediately figure out issues with your app in different version across different devices and solve them.


Measure business impact of an issue and prioritise. Create smarter and shorter build cycles.

Full Stack Of Features

Automatic Fragment Creation

Automatically clusters your users in various fragments based on devices, OS, Screen Size and Memory. Track the performance of your application in each of these fragments and resolve issues.

Goal Definition and Tracking

Every app wants to achieve something different. Track the milestones which are most critical in your application and see where users face an issues. We allow you to define multiple business goal and track them.

Device Behavior

See how your app performs across fragments. Get memory consumption data, crash trends, screenshots and more to solve issues in fragments and increase user conversion.

User Behaviour

Get to know how users in a fragment interact with your application. See Heatmaps and user touch data across devices. Optimize your app for every set of users critical to your app.

Device Management

Manage and target devices which are are critical to your application. See the contribution of these devices to your user base. Retain users effectively and efficiently.

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Solve device fragmentation issues and increase user conversion


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